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Ray White Byron Bay

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. David Gordon is by far and away the most dominant agent in the area and whilst the combination of David Gordon and Ray White Real Estate is relatively new in Byron Bay our history is not. In fact, we are the longest established agency in Byron Bay and it is this combination that has given us our remarkable reputation. Our company is built upon vast experience and providing quality advice that can be relied upon. We have provided the best of service to many long time established familie … read on

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How to create a luxury home for a busy professional

How to create a luxury home for a busy professional

Young professionals are typically attracted to rental properties in inner-city locations – and it's easy to see why. With many properties priced out of their range, they instead go in search of rental options that will mean they can get to work with ease and enjoy all the … read on
How to make the best use of a small space - image

How to make the best use of a small space

Whether you're listing apartments or smaller houses for sale, chances are you want to make your property look its best. But when you're working with a small space, it can be hard to make it look neat, tidy and presentable for open inspections. Fortunately, there are many … read on

How to Spot a Sellers Market

A seller's market is the ultimate market conditions for anyone wanting to sell quickly and for a good price. It is in these rare conditions that sellers can be a little bit bullish with their price expectations, not worry about every last presentation detail and spend less on … read on

What should a mortgage broker do?

Using a mortgage broker has become a popular way of finding that ideal home loan, so if you're hoping to get onto the property ladder, it's well worth giving one a try. However, you'll first need to weigh up whether a brokerage service is right for you, which means … read on


We are offering an exciting opportunity for a highly motivated person to join our expanding sales team. This position starts as a Sales Trainee where you will work for the sales team and alongside one of the top performing salespeople in Byron Bay. After extensive training … read on
Landscaping image

How to create a functional entryway

Let's face it – first impressions are always the most important. While this is generally associated with people's personalities, it also rings very true for properties, too. If you're about to list your property for sale, you're no doubt going to give it a spring clean to get … read on

Choosing the Right Flooring For your Home

No matter whether you personally live in your home or have rental properties, one of the key decisions you'll need to make is what type of flooring is necessary. After all, there are so many different options available that it's easy to become overwhelmed by the choice unless … read on
Pool image

How to make your rental property more luxurious

As a landlord, it's more than likely you'll have a firm idea of the sort of tenants you're hoping to attract. Your rental properties will need to reflect this, so if you've got your sights set on the luxury market, it's possible you'll have to put some changes in place to … read on
Property Buyers Image

Tips for choosing a property manager

Australians already know about the current low interest rates, which have made home loans a lot more attractive. And because of this low interest rate environment, many people have taken advantage and jumped into the investment property market. However, when you become a … read on

Interest Rates Predicted to Stay Low

Inflation figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the March quarter 2014 paint an encouraging picture for both home owners and buyers in the country. According to the ABS, the headline rate of inflation reached 2.9 per cent – slightly shy of the target … read on
Planting edible foods

Three Edibles You Should Plant for Summer

Good article by Darren at Ray White about how you should start thinking about planting edible plants now. About the only other tips we'd add are: Bunnings can be great, but is often overpriced. I recently purchased about 20 tiger grass plants from a recycled plant … read on
Top five tips for selling your property this summer

Top five tips for selling your property this summer

With the winter months well and truly underway, it might feel like summer is a long way off into the future. However, if you're hoping to put your property up for sale when the weather starts to improve, you'll need to begin your preparations sooner rather than later. Here … read on
Three tips for creating the perfect garage workspace

Three tips for creating the perfect garage workspace

Often, when people think about selling their real estate, they picture ways to add value to it. From extra bedrooms and a new paint job to creating a functional space, these can all make your home potentially more valuable. One idea for adding value to your home, whether … read on
Three tips for better storage in your residential property

Three tips for better storage in your residential property

No matter how hard you try, the problem of accumulating junk is always something we battle throughout life. Things like your kids' school memorabilia, photo albums, CDs and DVDs are all items that seem to almost appear out of nowhere. But keeping all of these possessions can … read on
Indoor plants images

Bringing the outdoors in

There's something just lovely about bringing the outdoors in to your home, through using plants and flowing space from inside to outside. Not only do they provide a beautiful feel to your home, but can perform a valuable service by cleansing your air. For instance, aloe … read on
Selling a rental property

Selling a rental property

If you’re selling your rental property – or renting a property your landlord wants to sell – here’s how to get it done and avoid conflict. One of the challenges of renting is learning that your landlord wants to sell. If you’re loving the property, you don’t want things to … read on

Customer Service Excellence

Whilst we're evangelists for amazing customer service, without any desire for recognition, it's still always nice to be recognised formally. We were delighted to have the Chairman of Ray White, Brian White, present an excellence in customer service award to Michael Gudgeon … read on
Photo of house: What to look for in a luxury lifestyle property

What to look for in a luxury lifestyle property

The big city life isn't for everyone. The noise, bright lights, long traffic queues and almost endless commutes in metropolitan areas can certainly make you dream of living a quiet country life. But your search for a quieter lifestyle doesn't have to just begin in the suburbs – … read on
tips for keeping house warm in winter

Top tips for a warm house this winter

With winter just around the corner, it's possible your attention has already turned to how you will heat your home during the coldest months of the year. This is especially important if you're hoping to secure a winter sale – showing people around cold and draughty houses for … read on

Sizzling winter heat

In winter we all want to be cosy and warm at home. By making smart decisions about the way you heat your home you can save money and maximise the value of your property. Depending on what you’re looking for, there are many stylish or environmentally friendly (some are even … read on

Top renovation tips

Renovations are a great way to add value to your home or investment property. Plan your renovation carefully so you don’t waste time or money. It’s a good idea to keep a scrapbook of ideas, gathered from magazines, books and the internet, to firm up the look and feel you want in … read on
picture of bad yard

15 presentation mistakes that turn buyers off

Imogen Brown at has a great summary of the 15 presentation mistakes that turn buyers off. If you’re planning to list your property for sale make sure you aren’t making the following presentation mistakes; rather than engaging your buyers, you could be … read on
Landscaping image

Property presentation tips

To maximise your return when selling your home, it’s important to know what to do your house, how much to spend and what makes the difference to buyers. Cleaning, tidying and de-cluttering are all common sense, but there are often more profitable decisions to be made about … read on

6 things you need to know about investing in property

From Mark Armstrong at Property Observer: Investor demand continued to grow in the latter stages of 2013 with the value of loans for investors jumping by 8.2% in October. That equates to $10.3 billion, the highest level on record. This increase is resulting in strength in the … read on

Home Loans Approvals Soaring in 2014

Data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has shown 2014 home loan approvals are off to their strongest start in five years. Loan Market director Mark De Martino said that 13 per cent more home loans were approved in the first two months of 2014 than … read on
Money house

5 Must-know Valuation Facts

Jennifer Duke at Property Observer has a great article at Property Observer with 5 must-know valuation facts. Valuations are at the heart of property investment – particularly when it comes to getting finance, or being refinanced, with a lender. You might also just be … read on
Australian property cycle

Property Cycle 101 and is now a good time to buy or sell?

Good article from Michael Matusik on Property Observer this week. The article starts with: Given the amount of rhetoric about the housing cycle of late and the typical mudslinging that eventuates, it feels like it’s time, again, to discuss the obvious – that there is a … read on

Need to upsize?

There comes a time in the life of every family when the question is asked – should we renovate or upsize? The home you had when your first child was born may not be big enough to comfortably live with a bigger family. So the hard task of deciding what to do pops up. The upsize … read on

7 ways to increase your borrowing capacity

When looking for finance, many people want to know the maximum amount they can borrow. This is called your borrowing capacity. This figure can be affected by your income and any debt you have. You may be wondering how you can increase your borrowing capacity. Here are some of … read on

RBA Holds Rates for Longest Period in Seven Years

At its first meeting of 2014 the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to leave the cash rate at 2.50 per cent for the sixth consecutive month, the longest period of interest rate stability since 2007. Loan Market Director Mark De Martino said the decision to leave rates on … read on
Property Buyers Image

3 Tips to Secure Your First Investment Property

Purchasing a residential real estate investment offers many benefits, so it's unsurprising that it has become a popular way of building wealth for many Australians. However for those branching out into property investment for the first time, it can seem like a hard world to … read on

RBA Holds Steady, Bank Drop Rates to 20 Year Low

For the seventh consecutive month the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has left the cash rate at 2.50 per cent. However this hasn’t stopped a major bank from dropping their rates to a 20-year low. Loan Market director Mark De Martino said that the prolonged period of interest … read on

Fall in residential construction to benefit home sellers

While much has been made about the recovering construction industry in Australia over the past year, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) seems to contradict this narrative. Citing ABS data, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) reported a considerable decline … read on
Money house

Is it time to stop paying extra off your home loan?

A little bit of a controversial heading, don’t you think? No, this isn’t a paid advertisement on behalf of Australia’s lenders, but it potentially makes good sense for people looking to grow their wealth. It’s true: Australians have been paying down debt at breakneck speed … read on
tips for doing up an apartment

Tips for Doing Up An Apartment

Whether you're an owner-occupier or a real estate investor, there comes a time when you might consider renovating your property to ensure it's in good condition. Performing renovations or some minor touch ups at your home can also to help add value to it, a handy task to perform … read on

Positive Outlook for Australian Real Estate Market in 2014

The Australian real estate market is expected to see strong recovery over the next 12 months, according to a new report from the Housing Industry Association (HIA). This could create encouraging conditions for homeowners, buyers and investors alike, as the level of housing … read on

Understanding fixed and periodic tenancy agreements

Homes for sale across Australia can be turned into profitable rental properties by savvy investors, but when it comes to becoming a landlord, it's important to understand the legal obligations relating to tenancy agreements. Landlord and tenant laws in Australia are intended … read on

Proper Protocol for Open Inspections

Visiting homes for sale as part of an open inspection is a normal part of the buying process. However, if you've never been to an open inspection before, you may have a number of questions regarding protocol. Fortunately, like most things in life, a little common sense and … read on
Couple Moving House

Attracting your ideal tenant

Owners of houses for rent are often looking for specific tenants. Whether you're trying to appeal to students, professionals or families, there are steps you can take to make attracting your ideal tenants easier. However, keep in mind that you can't base your decision on who … read on

Houses for sale need appealing backyards

There are numerous factors that can make homes for sale highly sought after, but one that often gets overlooked is the backyard. Most home sellers understand the importance of kerb appeal, as the front of a house is what potential buyers will see first. This leads many … read on

Should you fix your mortgage now

Good article from Property Observer about whether you should fix your mortgage now. PO says: "With economists predicting official interest rate rises next year and banks starting raise their fixed rates, we spoke to mortgage experts to ask if now is the right time to moved … read on
Property Buyers Image

Agent Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

Whether you're buying real estate in Adelaide, selling real estate in Darwin or doing either activity anywhere in Australia, it's easy to underestimate how difficult the process can become without qualified help. Most people would not try to fix their cars without a mechanic … read on

Securing Your Dream Home: Making an Offer

You've found the perfect property – what next? When looking at homes for sale, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you turn your real estate dreams into a reality. Crunch the numbers Whether you're going to buy property via auction or private treaty, it's … read on

High Price Growth Recorded Nationally in 2013

Last year was a stellar 12 months for the national residential real estate market, after recording large increases in median house prices and values. However, a new report from Australian Property Monitors (APM) has shown just how significant some of the growth was in 2013 in … read on

Local Amenities to Consider When Buying Property

There's a lot to consider when buying a home, from the location to the type of property you're after. While the house itself is important, don't forget to look outside the parameters of the property when it comes to making a decision. Local amenities can be incredibly … read on
Pool image

Luxury Home Features Important for Real Estate Owners

Features typically seen in luxury residential real estate have been included on the wish lists of many homeowners in Australia, a new survey from has found. More practical features, such as off-street parking, seemed to be lower on the list, which may … read on
Autumn Image from Dexxus on Flickr

How to Get Your Home Ready for an Autumn Sale

The first day of March is only a few weeks away and this means that autumn is just about to begin. While this might mean temperatures will start to drop and leaves fall (not around Byron though!), this season also presents great opportunities for those who wish to sell their … read on

5 features of a great place to invest

When you invest in property, it's important to find an area that will provide you with a positive level of return. After all, it's likely you entered the field of property investment to make a profit. But what features should you look out for when selecting an area to buy … read on

How to Make an Empty Home Look Good

When selling real estate in Australia, it's extremely important you put a lot of time and effort into making your home look good. A good looking home can work wonders when prospective buyers are viewing your property – remember first impressions are everything! But what can you … read on
Byrons Brae

7 Cheap Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Thinking of taking advantage of the spring market and selling real estate in the near future? Have you wondered how you can boost the asking price and appeal of your home? Changing a few features of your property is a great way to add value to your home. However, this doesn't … read on
Image courtesy of Flickr/AlphaGeek

4 Warning Signs to Look For at Open Inspections

When you're shopping around for a property for sale, it's important to perform your due diligence to determine whether you're making a wise purchase. At open inspections, you should keep your eyes and ears open to pick up on any faults or damages the property might … read on

Make Your Mortgage Disappear Faster

In all the excitement of finding the perfect property and getting settled in, it’s easy to forget you have to actually pay back the loan. When the reality of having a mortgage hits, don’t panic, there are plenty of ways to reduce it quickly. Your home loan doesn’t have to feel … read on

Setting Rules for Your Rental Properties

Being a landlord and managing your own rental properties is not an easy feat. After all, you need to have the time, expertise and knowledge to dedicate to your investment. However, to make the job easier, it's best to set some rules and guidelines for your tenants to ensure … read on
Rental 1

4 Tips for Holding On to Your Tenants

Investing in residential real estate is a route that many Australians have taken to build wealth for the future. As your tenants are your main source of income, it's important to ensure they stay happy in order to hold on to their tenancy for longer. If you've found great … read on
Land for sale images

Inspecting land for sale

Purchasing land for sale can be a great investment, but unless you're an expert at surveying raw real estate, chances are you'll need some advice for what to look for. Land can be much cheaper than a lot with a home on it, especially in rural areas. This provides you with the … read on

Why Ray White

Choosing a real estate agent is a big decision for you—there's a lot riding on the decision because you want to ensure you get the most value out of the relationship and deal that you can as well as having a great, hassle-free experience. An agency needs to answer the … read on

RBA Attempting to Re-balance the economy

At it’s final board meeting of 2013, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to leave interest rates unchanged at 2.5 per cent for the fourth consecutive month. Loan Market director Mark De Martino said the decision to leave rates unchanged was the right choice, but not a … read on

“Should I go to Auction?”

In Byron Bay, and the market more generally, there are always peak selling periods and within those periods there are periods where we see a lot of auctions. In these periods, with so many auction listings coming onto the market, it’s natural to ask “Should I go to auction … read on
Don't Leave Anything Behind

Getting the Most Out of Your Property

There are some things you can easily do to ensure you get the most value from your property when you sell it. After all, you want to make sure you Don't Leave Anything Behind, like a whole lot of value! Consider that selling your property is a bit like selling your car: … read on

Real Estate Market Sentiment Improves in Q3

Optimism towards Australia's real estate market surged in the third quarter, new research has found. National Australia Bank's (NAB) Residential Property Index rose 17 points to +32 during the three-month period, which is the second best result since the financial institution … read on

Selling Your Property—Behind the Scenes

Buying and selling property can be a complicated process for you, but it doesn’t have to be. When you buy or sell your property with us, we of course sit down to discuss the process with you, as well as answering all of your questions. But to give an idea of what we will … read on

Demand for New Residential Properties Continues to Rise

There has been evidence that the demand for brand new homes for sale has risen, as data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showed an increase in housing finance for new real estate in Australia. The data revealed a third consecutive rise in new home lending in … read on

Why Byron…..? Byron Naturally's fantastic video of 'Things To Do In Byron Bay'.  Have a look and remind yourself why you love Byron so … read on
Know How - Lanterns

Ray White Happy To Dump Flowery Real Estate Marketing

Ray White, Australia’s largest real estate network, launches a new ad campaign this week that recognises that homebuyers and sellers are tired of unfounded statements marketed by real estate agents. The property sector represents the largest industry in Australia and houses … read on
Citizenship Program winners Abby and Rocco

Ray White Citizenship Program

The team at Ray White Byron Bay have known for a long time that our success to a large extent relies on support from the local community - this is true of most businesses in town. Just one of the many ways that Ray White Byron Bay gives back to the community we live in is by … read on

Get The Latest Real Estate News

Join those to be the first in the know! If you would like to be among the first to know about new properties for sale in Byron Bay and the surrounding areas, market trends, buying information or hot news, sign up for our Market Updates.  Many of our clients find the property … read on
Lloyd shacked up

Working in Byron Bay

To many people, Byron Bay holds enormous appeal. It evokes powerful images of sun drenched beaches, lush hinterland to explore, the surf, the natural beauty of the world we live in and perhaps, a bit of partying. I LOVE Byron Bay (not so much the road quality, but … read on
Quattro Latte

Coffee Spots in and around Byron Bay

People living in capital cities in Australia - particularly Melbourne - are spoilt by excellent coffee and take it for granted that good coffee will be anywhere (I'm guilty of this mindset!). Fortunately, when you visit Byron Bay, you aren't let down in the coffee … read on

Chain Reaction Charity Ride – Melbourne to Sydney

Tim in the office has just returned from two weeks (in 3) away helping support the Chain Reaction charity bike rides from Melbourne to Sydney and then from the Gold Coast to Brisbane (via Byron). Ray White Byron Bay is a big believer in giving back to the community, so … read on

Foundation seeks to raise $100,000 

A fundraising target of $100,000 by June 30 is a real possibility for the Northern Rivers Community Foundation this year, says chairperson Lucy Ashley. “Our annual fundraising drive is focused on ‘the importance of community’ and we are seeing locals really connecting on the … read on
Whales in the Bay

Whales in the Bay

Along with the beautiful countryside, we're very lucky to be situated in a bay so rich in marine life. It's not uncommon to find yourself surfing with dolphins or spot magnificent humpback whales just offshore. Last week was one of those weeks with some humpbacks visiting … read on

Proud Sponsors of Byron Bay FC

Ray White Byron Bay is proud to sponsor Byron Bay Football Club.  Football is the world's most popular sport and Byron Bay FC has more than 420 players taking part in 34 teams.  The club also has great coaches, supporters and officials.  They are all volunteers and members of … read on

Ray White Insight Video

A really great video showing the history of Ray White with some fantastic Australian historical imagery, as well as how Ray White is transforming to harness the power of the internet and its people, in order to deliver unparalleled … read on

Working at a real estate agency

Starting a new job can be a daunting experience. New people, new processes - it can be overwhelming. Recently, I joined Ray White Byron Bay as a "marketing guy" (or the "new toy" as David puts it) in charge of advertising, social media and marketing in general. For the … read on

LoanMarket: Fixed Rate Loans Surge

Demand for fixed rate home loans has been surging despite the prospect of official interest rate relief from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), says leading mortgage broker Loan Market. Loan Market Corporate Spokesman Paul Smith said the company had experienced a … read on

4 Coogera Circuit, Suffolk Park, NSW

Best Buy In Baywood Chase

This beautifully presented single level family home needs to be sold in the next few weeks to enable the owner to relocate to be closer to family. Centrally located and loaded...
3 2 2
Interest Over $550,000
  • Next inspection04 Sep, 11.00am

8 Lilli Pilli Drive, Byron Bay, NSW

Majestic 1800's Queenslander

Rarely does a property of such character and quality come to market. Built in the mid 1800's the home has many of the classic features of the era. Ornate ceilings, Kauri pine...
5 2 4
  • Next inspection06 Sep, 12.00pm

Lot 1 Station Street, Mullumbimby, NSW

High Profile Location

This is a stand out opportunity to buy one of the few remaining vacant CBD sites in Mullumbimby. Perfectly positioned at the entrance to the town shopping centre, the site also...

3 Orara Court, Byron Bay, NSW

Lovable Lilli Pilli Area

Here is your opportunity to buy an affordable, freestanding character filled home on approx 450sqm, ripe to renovate and turn into your dream home. This two storey property...
4 2 1
  • Next inspection04 Sep, 10.00am
  • Auction 13 Sep, 10.00am

11 Mackay Street, Byron Bay, NSW

Sensational Dual Income Returns

Conveniently positioned on the fringe of Byron Bay's vibrant town centre & only 800 metres to popular Tallow Beach through Arakwal National Park, this delightful home offers...
3 2 2
Interest Over $795,000

429 Wilsons Creek Road, Wilsons Creek, NSW

Price Reduced Below Valuation

Located in an elevated and picturesque setting, this charming multi-level home is set on 2 acres of well manicured land, capturing stunning panoramic views of Mt. Chincogan and...
3 2 2
Interest Over $650,000

30 / 24 Scott Street, Byron Bay, NSW


This unique timber tri level home is elevated above the Arakwal Nature Reserve, capturing views over the tree tops to Broken Head. Located at the end of a private tree lined...
2 2 1

6/8 Byron Street, Byron Bay, NSW

Lucrative Byron Bay Holiday Investment

The Byron Quarter Apartments were designed to provide a private and relaxed haven right in the centre of Byron Bay. Well appointed and fully self contained, this spacious open...
1 1 1

Unit 6/64 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay, NSW

Relaxed Style Living At Byron Links Apartments

The Byron Links Apartments deliver a private and relaxed retreat while enjoying a central position between Byron Bay and Suffolk Park. On offer is the convenience of resort...
3 2 2

26/33-35 Childe Street, Byron Bay, NSW

Beach House In Byron Bay

Located in the ever popular area of Belongil Beach, East on Byron is set amongst landscaped gardens & surrounding bushland. With the beach across the road and within walking...
2 2 2
Guide $1,150,000 To $1...
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