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Working in Byron Bay

By Tim Marsh

To many people, Byron Bay holds enormous appeal.

It evokes powerful images of sun drenched beaches, lush hinterland to explore, the surf, the natural beauty of the world we live in and perhaps, a bit of partying.

I LOVE Byron Bay (not so much the road quality, but everything else is great), and I especially love working here.

The view from Coolamon Scenic Drive

I started coming to Byron on holidays a few years ago. These trips usually coincided with The Red Eyes – a band my brother played keyboard in – playing at the Beach Hotel.

Coming from a thousand-miles-an-hour lifestyle in Melbourne – chasing the bucks, building online businesses, racing bikes – my mind never rested. Ever.

Coming to Byron was about the only time I truly relaxed. I cherished every trip and Kate and I used to say how fun it would be to live in the area – not in Byron itself, but in the area.

When Kate and I gave up on buying in Melbourne, we started looking in the area – just to see what was available – and ended up on 10 acres outside town.

Landing a job in Byron is pretty much ideal for me. I love cycling, surfing and coffee!

Working in Byron gives you a completely different perspective on the place, compared to visiting on a holiday.

I always saw Byron as a place predominantly for holidaymakers, very busy, a bit of a party town, with minimal quiet time in town.

Since starting work at Ray White, my perspective has completely changed!

I work in town 2 days a week and get to see town early in the morning. It’s a completely different character at that time of day; softer light, locals getting started for the day, cyclists, people heading out for or coming in from a surf.

Lloyd from the office slotted in

Here’s why I love working in Byron.

  • Food – the food in town is pretty damned good (we’ll have an article about our favourite food spots soon). Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, the level of food on offer is very good.
  • Coffee – there are a few great coffee spots in town (again, we’ll do an article about that soon). The office favourite is Dip (next door to the office), and I like Bayleaf (always busy) and Cafe Mokha makes surprisingly acceptable coffee.
  • Cycling – I can ride 50km to work, or ride for 90 minutes before work in the hills behind Byron. Glorious.
  • Surfing – I usually surf before work once a week. Just the other morning I was out in gentle waves suited to a cruise on a long board, when dolphins started surfacing and surfing the waves. Absolutely magical.

Although I used to miss the financial comfort afforded by a fast paced life in Melbourne, with the benefit of perspective, I now realise how pointless running the treadmill is.

Sure I can’t drive a Ferrari anymore, but cycling and surfing before work?

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