Three Edibles You Should Plant for Summer

ByTim Marsh

Good article by Darren at Ray White about how you should start thinking about planting edible plants now.

About the only other tips we’d add are:

  • Bunnings can be great, but is often overpriced. I recently purchased about 20 tiger grass plants from a recycled plant centre for $9 each. The Bunnings price is $27.
  • Plan well ahead of time by using websites and apps such as Gardenate (it’s free) to plan.
  • Pick things that grow well in your area.
  • Plant companion plants that help ward off summer bugs.
  • Consider dwarf mangos which can fruit in just a couple of years. If you’re in the Northern Rivers area, D
  • Citrus and dwarf citrus, especially Kaffir Lime, Lime and Lemons.
  • Summer berries are hard to get going in some areas, but mulberries are easy, and there are varieties that provide for extended seasons.
  • Herbs and spices that can be used fresh or dried, or whose seeds can be used (coriander, chili) are great additions.

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