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The Best of Do It Yourself

By David Gordon

If you are considering home improvements this festive season you may be considering the benefits of a do it yourself (DIY) project.

DIY is not for everyone; in fact it’s not for most people. Here are some ideas to help you plan for your project and to help you decide whether to DIY or not this holiday season.

Whether designing your dream wardrobe or remodelling your kitchen you need to start by giving yourself and your project a sense of order and progress. Beginning with a plan that lists all of the areas you would like to see changed.

You could make your list by room like bathroom or kitchen if the entire space needs a complete makeover. Or, if there are specific items that are up for renewal then list them by item order, such as new carpet or change all the lights.

Make sure you put everything on the list don’t worry if it’s just a small thing like changing a few door handles put it down.

Next take your list and write a number next each item to prioritise. Approach your priorities with consideration to your time frame for completion.

If you plan to complete everything in twelve months and can accept living in a ‘work in progress    environment’ for that time then put everything that involves structural or removal type process

at the top. It makes sense to do these types of tasks before new paint or carpet.

Alternatively, if you are not embarking on any major renovating or ‘dirty work’ changes write your list either by room or by item. Consider what would make you feel most like you were achieving your goal as your guide for prioritising.

Now you have your priorities review the list and mark each item with either an A or a B according to who is going to complete the task A = DIY B= Breathe a sigh of relief someone else is doing that  job!

Beware of over enthusiasm in the beginning! The idea of stripping and polishing your own floorboards may be appealing and look like a cinch on a TV show. However your patience, perfectionism and persistence are going to be tested.

Consider the value of your free time vs. your need for a high quality result. If in your heart you know that you will always see and regret the poorer quality of your DIY efforts then it’s time for the professionals.

Similarly if your mantra is Saturday and Sunday’s are for sleeping then again get the ‘blue shorts brigade’ in to do the work.

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