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How to Get Your Home Ready for an Autumn Sale

By Darren McCoy

The first day of March is only a few weeks away and this means that autumn is just about to begin.

While this might mean temperatures will start to drop and leaves fall (not around Byron though!), this season also presents great opportunities for those who wish to sell their homes.

Christmas holidays are long gone, the kids are back at school and many people will be planning to sell up and move on before the dreary months of winter start.

If you’re thinking of listing your property for sale this autumn, here are four tips to help you prepare your home for the market.

Check gutters and drainage

Autumn can bring with it a lot of rainy weather. To ensure your home looks and performs at its best on wetter days you’ll need to check all gutters and drainage pipes to prevent any flooding from occurring.

Remember the gutters on your roof can become filled with debris at any time of the year, so it’s important to check them regularly.

Look for debris on the roof of your home and call a professional to unblock your gutters if you spot any obstructions or clutter.

Accentuate features

As the sun is still shining in autumn, it gives you the opportunity to show off the best features your home has to offer. Al fresco dining, swimming pools, indoor-outdoor flow and expansive windows can all be accentuated on warmer days, while fireplaces, heating systems and natural light might be something to focus on during colder weather.

Tidy up the garden

If your garden suffered during the dry months of summer, you might want to give it a tidy up before you list your property for sale.

Pull out weeds and dead plants and replace with some drought tolerant perennials that will flower throughout autumn and survive in the warmer weather.

Consider adding some bark and mulch to reduce the growth of weeds and to retain moisture.

Check heating systems

It may have been quite a while since you used the heating system in your home. Check it’s up to standard and functioning efficiently so that there aren’t any problems for the next owner.

If it’s a ducted system, make sure all ducts are unblocked so warm air can flow through freely. Alternatively, if your home has a fireplace, it might be time to get it professionally cleaned.

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