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Home technology solutions of the future

By Rhianna Poole

The digital home was very much on trend at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which wrapped up in Las Vegas on January 9.

Everything from a robot chef to a two-in-one washing machine was put forward at the showcase, as more companies devise futuristic ways of making basic home duties more efficient and connected.

Granted, many of these advanced smart home developments may be some time from landing in our own homes. But the speed of innovation in this space means they may be arriving sooner than expected.

Here are 10 Jetsons-style gadgets coming our way:

Cooki: the robot chef

Photo: Sereneti

Ever felt too exhausted, too tired or just too lazy to cook yourself a meal? Leave it to Cooki, an automated meal preparation system by Sereneti Kitchen.

The Cooki is a robotic arm that stirs a pot of ingredients over an inductive heating system. It also uses three trays on a mechanical conveyor to add ingredients at the right time.

Meal selection, ingredients and the time of cooking are all controlled by a smart phone app.

LG Twin Wash: the two-in-one washing machine

Photo: Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Anyone who has tackled more than one load of washing in one day will appreciate this new spin on the ordinary washing machine. It’s a simple concept – a front-loading washing machine with a second pullout machine underneath. It means two load of washing can be done simultaneously.

Wi-Fi Coffee Machine: send & brew

Photo: Smarter

Order your coffee first thing in the morning or on the way home via your smart phone with the Wi-Fi Coffee Machine. Made by Smarter, the makers of the iKettle, this gem features a built-in bean grinder.

HomeKit: connecting all smart home devices

There are already a number of connecting devices on the market, but there’s lots of buzz surrounding Apple’s HomeKit. Although it won’t be officially launched until later this year, HomeKit promises to make waves. It will feature Siri voice commands, which can be activated inside or outside the home network.

Parrot Pot: automatic plant watering

Photo: Parrot

Are you a notorious plant killer? Never fear, this Bluetooth-connected plant pot by Parrot automatically waters your plant for you. All you have to do is fill the built-in reservoir with water, which holds enough liquid to keep the plant alive for three months.

PicoBrew: the beer lover’s dream

Photo: PicoBrew

Any beer enthusiast will attest to the difficulty of home brewing. ThePicoBrew does just about all the hard work for you, except the bottling. Just add your own ingredients, select a recipe and away it goes.

Budgee: your very own robot

Photo: Five Elements Robotics

Marketed as a “personal robot,” the Budgee is designed to carry your things and follow you around. It can zip around at 3.8 kilometres per hour and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. But at $1800, this droid doesn’t come cheap.

Netatmo Welcome: facial recognition security

Image: Neatmo

A new take on web security cameras, the Netatmo Welcome identifies household members. It can send smart phone alerts to notify others when people arrive home and has night-vision capability.

Dacor Double Wall Oven: two ovens in one

Photo: Dacor

This dual oven by Dacor lets you cook in two separate ovens, at different temperatures. It features smart phone and voice controls.

Ring Video Doorbell: who is it?

Photo: Ring

A camera activated by a doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell streams images to your smart phone. It enables users to remotely see and speak to whoever is at their doorstep.

Story by Kate Jones. View here

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