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Agent Benefits for Buyers and Sellers

By Tim Marsh

Whether you’re buying real estate in Adelaide, selling real estate in Darwin or doing either activity anywhere in Australia, it’s easy to underestimate how difficult the process can become without qualified help.

Most people would not try to fix their cars without a mechanic or enter a courtroom without a solicitor, so it makes sense to invest in the services of a Ray White real estate agent when you plan on buying or selling your property.


A major part of buying property is negotiating a price. A seller’s asking price is not necessarily set in stone, and by having the right help in your corner, there’s a good chance you could find yourself with a discount.

Communication is part of a real estate agent’s day-to-day life, and negotiation is a skill they’ve honed since they entered the industry. Utilising the services of a real estate agent when buying your property can be worth it for this reason alone.

However, that’s far from the only benefit you can count on as a home buyer.

Ray White real estate agents are experts in their local markets, as well as in the property industry as a whole. This means they know whether the current market is favouring buyers or sellers, as well as how much specific properties are selling for in certain neighbourhoods. By employing a real estate agent, you’re also tapping into their market experience and community knowledge.


One of the primary hurdles home sellers must clear is deciding how to market their property. By hiring a qualified real estate agent, sellers can count on having a professional supporting them who has experience bringing exposure to homes and attracting as many interested parties to open inspections as possible. This will give home sellers a better chance of fetching a high price, too.

Just as with buyers, the local knowledge Ray White real estate agents possess can be a huge blessing for home sellers. Professionals will know how much homes are selling for in the area, as well as how long it’s taking specific properties to move. This will allow them to provide sellers with recommendations for setting a sale price, as well as strategies to help speed up the proceedings.

Regardless of your goals, it’s clear that opting to use a Ray White real estate agent is the best way to make buying and selling your property more efficient and effective.

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