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15 things to do when selling your home

There’s always so much to do when you’re preparing a property for auction, it can be easy to overlook vital things.

We’ve put together the ultimate home sellers checklist so you don’t forget anything important on auction day.

1. Confirm your reserve price

This is not a conversation you want to be having at the last minute so confirm your reserve price as soon as possible.

2. Come up with a plan if the reserve is not met

Again, this is not a conversation that’s best had on the day of the auction. Make sure you have a firm backup plan arranged with your agent sooner rather than later to avoid panic on the day.

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Don’t panic if your property doesn’t meet reserve – have a backup plan.

3. Make the garden and facade of the house look presentable

Make sure you pay attention to the details. Replace any chipped paving, clean out the garden shed and garage, replace any dead trees and plants, tidy up the gardens, place pot plants out the front of the house and invest in a new door mat. The outside of the house is the first impression that a potential buyer is going have of the property and you have one chance to make it a good one.

4. Clean the windows

This step is often overlooked but it will make an enormous difference to the overall appearance of your home. Consider hiring a professional if you have lots of windows. They have the equipment and know how to get a big job done quickly.

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5. Clear your home of any clutter

Get rid of any excess furniture, knick-knacks, books and trinkets. When people are looking to buy a home they’re going to look everywhere and that includes in cupboards, attics, basements, garages and hall cupboards. When your house is on the market, you have nowhere to hide. Remove any clutter completely or have any extras stored until you’ve sold your home.

6. Consider hiring furniture

If you have particularly eclectic or unusual taste in decor, it might deflect a potential buyer who can’t imagine the house styled in a more mainstream manner. There are plenty of companies that will move furniture into your home and style it ready for sale. This is a great option for second homes or investment properties that you don’t own furniture for as well.

7. Repair any damage

You may not think that a potential buyer will notice that the kitchen sink pipe is wrapped in duct tape but there’s likely to be at least one person who will seek out the hot water system, the meter box and every exposed pipe in the house to make sure it’s working. Be thorough with your repairs or you might risk losing a sale.

Potential buyers will notice if your kitchen sink pipe is wrapped in duct tape.

8. Get the lighting right

Use lamps, candles and dimmer switches to make sure the light is ambient and welcoming. You want to make people feel like they want to live in your home, not that you’re interrogating them under blinding bulbs.

9. Book a pet sitter

Pets can be an enormous deterrent for some buyers. Even if your pet doesn’t leave hair or odours, if a non-animal lover sees your beloved cat or dog they will start to imagine a cavalcade of hair and odours that make the house unliveable to them.

Not everyone loves pets so be on the safe side and get a sitter.

10. Call in a professional cleaning team

Potential buyers will scrutinise every corner of your home especially the bathrooms and kitchen. Hire professional cleaners to steam clean your bathrooms, floors and cupboards. You don’t want to lose a sale over some toilet mould that you missed last time you cleaned the bathroom.

11. Create a temperate environment

The interesting thing about temperature is that no one will notice it if it’s perfect but they’ll notice it if it’s not. You don’t want to put any doubt in the mind of a potential buyer that they will be totally comfortable living in your house. Make sure you manage the heating/cooling so it remains consistent all day.

12. Pay attention to the details

Put in the effort and you’ll reap the rewards. Be bothered to get that little stain out of the carpet, to give the oven a proper cleaning and to make sure that your home smells beautiful. The next owner of your home will be sold on these details.

Put in the extra effort and get that little stain out of the carpet.

13. Draw up a schedule for the day

It’s really important to manage your expectations on auction day, so take the time to draw up a timetable of the day’s events. That way you will never be left wondering what to do or what comes next.

14. Put up signs around nearby streets directing people to the auction

Foot traffic can be extremely valuable at an auction and the next owner of your home might be a walk-up bidder. It’s also great to have a big crowd for an auction as it can encourage people to bid.

15. Stay calm

It’s important to be aware of how stressful an auction can be so don’t forget to manage your stress levels on the day. Take everything one step at a time and if you need a break, take it.

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Story by Carly Jacobs

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